Building a Better Butter Churn

Our new butter churn makes butter nearly 20% faster, is more durable, safer and more sanitary. Only glass and stainless steel touch your cream and butter!

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A Fizzy Experiment

I decided to spend Wednesday afternoon making a batch of ginger ale. If you have never made soda, I can imagine that it seems like one of those insanely difficult tasks requiring all sorts of fancy skills and hard-to-find equipment. Not so.

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If You Give A Girl A Peach…

I was lucky enough to find an orchard within easy driving distance that did have fruit, so I loaded up last week and put in an order for a several more bushels for next week. I really appreciated my canning kitchen as I canned load after load.

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Five Fabulous Campfire Treats

Why does everything seems to taste so much better when cooked over a campfire? Maybe it’s that smoky, slow-cooked flavor, or maybe it’s just the fresh air.

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Watch Out for Buggies!

There was a horse-drawn buggy in the other lane headed downhill towards me. Suddenly, a Pepsi-Cola delivery truck crested the hill behind the buggy bearing down on us both at 60 mph.

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Q&A: Sweeten Up with Stevia

Stevia is a star in organic or traditionally grown gardens. I went to our expert on gardening, Karen Geiser, and she shared how she and her family use their homegrown stevia.

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Two Socks Haunts Cowboy Traveler

Four months have gone by since I first met Two Socks. He is a good teacher. The word “horsemanship” has new meanings. I have learned much from this horse.

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