Apples, apples, apples! (3 things to do if you’ve got lots)

The iron that entered the soul when all those 50-pound crates of apples were purchased at the orchard tends to oxidize when those boxes are lugged into the kitchen and just sit there, waiting for you to DO something with them. Three handy solutions are: DRY ‘EM, PIE ‘EM, AND BUTTER ‘EM.

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Because it matters…

Sometimes we are nice because Mom told us to be nice. Sometimes we are nice for…well, other (possibly more selfish) reasons.

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A town that doesn’t exist!

Kidron, my home town, was never legally incorporated and therefore doesn’t legally exist. Don’t tell that to my neighbors! The little valley of

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I’m in love with Aladdin Lamps

Aladdin lamps are almost magical. Using a 100-year-old principle of lighting, they run on less oil but provide more light than any other oil lamp. I love mine and wholeheartedly believe they are the best option available for non-electric lighting.

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It all started with some rolled oats…

From gardening to canning to cooking, we hear many customers’ stories about learning to live simply and self-sufficiently. Lehman’s staff members are constantly learning, too. Read about one employee’s journey toward a homemade, healthier life.

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$50,000 up in smoke

Even experienced internet users can be ripped off by scams and fake websites. Here’s a few simple steps that can keep you from being a victim.

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